Saturday, March 13, 2010

summer skin

a few fashionable frocks i am wishing for on asos....

i am aching for summertime clothing & flip-flops!

today i spent almost the entire day outdoors doing manual labor & it felt great! i washed all of our family cars, then assembled two beachy adirondack chairs & felt very proud of how skilled i am with power tools!

bonus: i now have a bit of color on my skin...which on the tan scale is only half a shade darker than pearly vampire alabaster white, but it's some color nonetheless!




Monday, March 8, 2010

springtime has landed!

such a fun & magical weekend it was! filled with tiny cups of chili, california burrito's, nosy beach walkers, secret H-squared caves, & besties time:)

so the high for today is supposed to reach lower 70'! to celebrate the arrival of springtime, i made some lovely polyvore sets:)